AEDWRF23 Clan Dwerg’s Throne of the Second Son

Clan Dwerg was founded from the descendants ofthe Royal Clan Atlan, but from the distant sons with no inheritance. They sought to build a place in the world among the Sea of Sharks, but most turned to pillage and piracy. With a talent for hunting and raiding other dwarven ships they rode a wave of terror for almost a century. This ended with the sack of Fortress Taal and the fall of the clan. Pressed for peace by the Autarch, they gained official recognition and replaced the Taals on the council per the terms of the Treaty of Mnophold. Since that time, the clan has developed a number of advanced shipbuilding and metalworking techniques that have convinced the other clans they deserve the place they’ve earned.

Dwarven Kingdoms Clan Dwerg’s Throne of the Second Son is a special set from Carl Creates, one of our associate sculptors. Carl is working on several projects for us, but this set is special. Carl really wanted to join our Dwarven Clans mythos from World of Aach’yn, so he gifted this set to our patrons as the foundation for Clan Dwerg. Clan Dwerg is one of the most powerful in the kingdom, as Prince Jarn Dwerg serves as Husband to Queen Eir Atlan. The Dwergs have a reputation for never giving up and enduring whatever hardships may come. This set is a testament to the clan and a thankful addition to the Dwarven Kingdom.123456

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