Beyond the Horizon Minotaur

Explore this epic solo dungeon and create your own destiny!

Beyond the Horizon Minotauris a solo adventure for a level 4 character. No Dungeon Master needed.

The whispers of the gods led you to an abandoned temple, located deep into an active volcano. What is asked of you is simple – defeat the invincible Minotaur.
The key to disrupt its invulnerability lies somewhere in the temple, but can you discover it before the volcano erupts?

Will you please the gods or will you defy them? Will you stand up for what you believe is right, even if it could anger the gods?
Whatever you do, choose wisely – your actions will determine what happens at the end of this adventure and in the following chapters!

  • Set in the ancient Greece inspired setting of Theros, but you only need thePlayer’s Handbookor theBasic Rulesto play.
  • More than 450 narrative entries over 160+ pages for 3 4 hours of play. Fully hyperlinked.
  • Explore the 30+ rooms of the dungeon, searching for one of four unique ways to defeat the Minotaur.
  • You can complete the module pushing through up to 16 battle encounters, or with a single round of combat.
  • PlayMinotauras a stand alone adventure, or as the second chapter of the epicBeyond the Horizonseries.
    Link to the first chapter hereBeyond the Horizon Oracle.


Not sure if you like this? The first level of the dungeon is available as a free preview.

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