D100 Non Player Characters for the Post Apocalypse

Welcome to D100 Non Player Characters for the Post Apocalypse,, within youwill find various NPC’s that you can slot into your adventures. Handy to usewhen you need a random encounter, or to flesh out someone in an adventure.
These NPC’s are designed to have some interesting background details, orsome kind of secret they conceal, which can be used to make them a littlemore interesting if so desired. Most of these NPC’s are written as having beenbrought up in a Post Apocalyptic Wasteland, but a few are survivors frombefore the Apocalypse. If your campaign is set long after the disaster, thenthese might be Ghouls, such as those in the Fallout series of games, or mayjust have come from some enclave which didn’t suffer as much until it wasdestroyed more recently.
The NPC’s are numbered within the book and within the table of contents, soyou can just roll a D100 and get something which will hopefully inspire you andyour players.
We hope these give you some interesting ideas to build on, or that you justhave some fun.

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