Demigod a Playable Race for 5E

Product Overview

This 5E title includes a new playable race, the demigod. This race has 4 variants for you to chose from to create just the herculean hero or scandalous aphroditess you want!

Based on greek mythology and 90’s pop culture, the rules within this title allow you to chose a half god half mortal character that can adventure in any setting!

This title features

  • Roleplaying notes
  • A divine lineage table for choosing your parents
  • Racial features and traits
  • FOUR subrace options
  • Example demigod names
  • Exclusive artwork

Featured on DUNGEON DAD

Draxus, the mighty hero from the webshow Dungeon Dad, is a demigod of might. Search for DUNGEON DAD GETTING GREEKY on youtube to see him play this race. Other characters like Circe and his rival, Telemachos are also demigods.

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