Rules and Stats to add Ships to your campaign because there were ships before the age of pirates and you’ll want to know what your ship can do.

Maritime contains rules for ships sailing speeds, ship combat, and ship stats for the most common ships up to the the early galleons, as well as cargos and profits. Compatible with OSR and 5E games.

Includes stats for ships from the East and West up until very early Galleons.If you want ships decked out with cannon this book isn’t for you.

Stats for Rafts,Bireme & Dromon, Caravel, Carrack & Nau, Cog, Dhow (Large), Dhow (Small), Drakker, & Birlinn, Galleon, Junk (Big), Junk (Cargo), Junk (River), Junk (Treasure), Knarr, Nef, Sampan, Trireme & Venetian Thin Ship, Turtleship, War Galley

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