Mordenkainen’s Candlekeep Collectibles (Roll20)

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“What could possibly harm us here? This place is a fortress, and guarded beyond measure.”
~Gorion’s Ward

Included in Mordenkainen’s Candlekeep Collectibles

  • Introduction on Mordenkainen’s Exploits in Candlekeep

    • Brief overview of the archmage’s greatest contribution to the castle,

    • A summary of The Seekers.

  • 26 Magical Items

    • 5magical spellbooks

    • 21magical items

    • Detailed Artto demonstrate the magic they contain

  • 10 New Spells

    • Cantrips to world bending 9th levelspells added to yourrepertoire

    • Balanced for the 5e D&D ruleset

  • 4 Class Archetypes

    • Barbarian Path of the Arcanorager

    • Cleric Seeker Domain

    • FighterRenaissance Warrior

    • Pale MasterElegy of Heedance

  • Candlekeep Book Archive

    • Libraricon containing600 custom book titles & descriptions

    • Six d100 random tablesto generate find books on the spot

    • Realm fitting lore compatible

    • Populate the archives of Candlekeeplike never before!

  • 6 NPCs / Sidekicks

    • NewNPCs with art, stats, and a loreto drop into your campaign

    • Uniquequest hooksfor each NPC

  • 6Battlemaps

    • Battle maps with dynamic Line of Sight to expand adventures in Candlekeep






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