Old Watermill Battle Map – Launch

Hello adventurers! I’ve been working hard on our latest map, the Old Watermill. This is the kind of map I love working on. Well, I love working on any theme, but rural country-style maps do have a charm and a calming effect on me. I looked at how Mills worked back in the day and tried to lay out the location so it would function as a ‘fantasy’ but working mill. Points of interest are the Millpond, the wheel mechanism, the grinding stones and the grain store. I’ll explain more in the Map Notes below.

Next Maps

I’m working on the Roadside Shrine for the end of the week. After that, I’ll be creating a Schoolhouse map next month, along with a Geode Cave (Crystal Cave).

  • Roadside Shrine
    This will be a travel encounter map, a simple roadside shrine where people leave offerings to a local god or spirit. Leave some coins on it to tempt your players 😉 That kind of thing.
  • Traditional Schoolhouse (with a magical flare)
    I like the idea of using something like this as a really flavoured location. Think old-style desks, a playground outside, and some other themed rooms, but with a hint of magic school.
  • Geode Cave (Crystal Cave)
    I think a cave covered in crystals would be a cool location and be something new for me to create. Should be useful for boss fights in general.

Thanks so much for your support! I got a few great suggestions from you, wonderful people. Please keep them coming, they have sparked my imagination. Have a wonderful week and as always happy adventuring! Now let’s go buy some flour, nothing like a good bit of baking RP 😀

For this release, I’ve cut out the upper floors for people to use as layers in VTTs that can use them. And as always you can find the files to download on the Map List page here. Remember you have to be a Patron and signed in for the links to work.

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