Out of Luck A one shot heist with hijinx and heart

Out of Luck, take down a crime boss and push your luck in this caper for four 6th level characters

Take down a brutal crime boss in this one shot heist with hijinx and heart. Explore Umizu, a seedy coastal steampunk city state inspired by pre modern Japan. Umizu is a Radiant Citadel locale that never got a full adventure until now! Out of Luck features a cursed tanuki statue, a baby’s birthday party, and a steamboat fireworks battle!

This one shot includes everything you need to run a memorable caper

  • Full Color VTT compatible steamboat bathhouse maps (DM and Player versions)

  • 8 Hand drawn portraits and tokens for monsters and NPCs

  • Player handouts, a suspicion tracker, and three new stat blocks

  • Compatible with the Radiant Citadel or the Golden Vault; run as a one shot or as part of a campaign

  • Thoroughly playtested and reviewed; over 30 players and DMs have gone through the adventure

  • A printer friendly version


The Independent Merchants of Bright Moon Pier are sick of the Safe Oceans Society’s protection racket. After negotiations turn violent, the merchants opt for subterfuge. They hire the characters to infiltrate Boss Yashima’s birthday for her infant daughter and trick Yashima into accepting a cursed artifact, theIdol of Misfortune. Will this be a clean caper, or will the characters find themselves out of luck?

Example page 1

Example page 2


WriterLyla McBeath Fujiwara (@CeruleanOtter)

Cover IllustratorMehitabel Glenhaber (@MGlenhaber)

Editors and ReviewersAllison Beaufort, Elizabeth Van Couvering, Emilie Roberts, John Cardoso, Kelly Michaela Tran, Lucas Gobert, Mica Fishman, Nivair H. Gabriel, Taylor Navarro

Graphic Designer, Cartographer, and Interior IllustrationsLyla McBeath Fujiwara

Dungeon Master PlaytestersAce Elsen, Daniel Tayag, Lucas Gobert, Max Wolpert, Mighty Beard

PlaytestersAaron Gable, Ajay Tripathy, Clockworkcrypt, Jesse Jennings, kn0pe, Laurel Brown, Léon Othenin Girard, Max Reinhold, Nick Donovan, Nivair H. Gabriel, Patrick, Rian Flynn, Sahar Massachi, Selenium, Skylark, Sols, Tamara Grasty, Wren

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