Reboot the Future

Reboot the Futureis a cyberpunk game set in the off world colonies of a space federation known as theConsortium. After abandoning the off world colonies during the Galactic War, the big corporations have recently returned.While the corporations were away, a whole generation of people have been free of their influence and have seen the damage that corporate rule has caused. Some of them, known as theCyberpunks, are now in open rebellion.

It uses the same straightforward rule system asPaul Mitchener’s Liminal, adapted to the fast moving sci fi thriller worlds of Cyberpunk.

When I designed Reboot the Future, I had five design goals in mind, listed below.

  1. At its heart, it’s a straightforward rules light cyberpunk game.If you want to discard the setting and make your own, you still get value for money. The character generation, game rules, and example NPCs and organisations are rooted in traditional cyberpunk tropes.
  2. Cyberpunk in the 23rd century.

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