Stellar Beacon Trickster Issue

The Stellar Beacon is a ‘zinethat imagines better worlds to explore what could be radically different about our own. We experiment at the intersection of indie gaming and speculative fiction. In this issue you’ll find

The Laughing SagePlay as a mystical trickster who help others to change, overcoming convention to be liberated to a better way of being.

A magic system for theFateRPG that focuses on transformation.

In Our Own Image Radical Empathy, Trickster Gods and the Importance of Being IrritatingNovelist Alexandra Rowland examines how, even more than any other type of deity, tricksters hold a mirror to the human condition.

The Cathedral of LightYour starship has arrived with the news that hyperspace travel is possible again—but the entire civilization of this planet has disappeared!

An adventure forReturn to the Stars.

Resources Accessibility in TabletopProducer, writer, actor, and streamer Jennifer Kretchmer introduces an extensive set of resources that address accessibility in gaming, streaming, live events, writing, and more. Their purpose is to improve access, inclusion, and accurate, authentic representation, as well as to help the community better understand the disabled experience and find ways to make the gaming space more welcoming to disabled gamers.

Why Escapism In Fantasy, Science Fictionand Gaming Is Essential Priya J Sridhar explores the way escapism reminds us that we can face obstacles and beat them.

It’s Good to Know How the World WorksPoet and author Sonya Taaffe examines Star Trek Voyager’s “Jetrel” episode, Robert Oppenheimer, and the dawn of the nuclear age.

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