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With so many fonts of cosmic power to choose from, how will you find the pact that’s right for you? Bookcase Games’ Catalog of Patrons is here to help you find the deal that’s right for you. After all, what is $6.66 next to your mortal soul? The Catalog of Patrons is a warlock (and DM) must have, it contains two new subclasses, two new pact boons, and eight new invocations. But far more importantly it features twelve brand new and thoroughly developed patron NPCs for warlocks. These patrons inspire interesting and fun warlocks and make the game feel more immersive.
Rolling off of our last publication our four person team has dedicated as much time as possible over the last six months amidst our already busy lives to this project and are happy to finally be able to share it. We are al…

378711 thumb140.png Mists of Ravenloft
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Welcome to the Domains of Dread! Hello! This is our first DM’s Guild title and we’re starting off with a bang. We have something for everyone in this Ravenloft supplement. We have worked with players, DMs and homebrew experts to bring you new Domains of Dread, new character options, brand new resources for Dungeon Masters and so much more. This book has everything you need to create and play incredible new adventures in the Land of the Mists. This supplement is our first outing on DM’s Guild, but it won’t be our last. Purchasing this title allows us to create even more content and it helps support us for all the hours we poured into this book. We are extremely grateful for your support. Thank you and we hope you enjoy, Josh, Aroura & Shane Feel free to reach out to us at compa…

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