The Dead Wars

On April 22, 2023, the world record for most people playing a single game of The Worlds Greatest Role Playing Game was shattered.

These are the adventures they ran, in the format they ran it.

Along with the 4 unique, reactive, branching one shots included in this 145 page document are instructions on how to write a game like this yourself, so that you too can have massive games of interconnecting stories played at different tables.


4 5e Compatible one shots for 5th Level Characters with branching stories depending on the successes and failures of the other one shots, and instructions on how to create something like this yourself.

12 original maps made to be printed and played on sinlge sheets of paper.

Over a dozen original monsters made specifically for this adventure.

A forward by the author Johnny Jensen

Printer friendly format, made to be printed and ran as individual packets.

… and so much more!

This was a true joy to make and play. I hope you find that same joy as you bring people together through table top role playing.

And just a heads up, the Vessel of Zar’thuul stat block is found at the end of the entire packet. Good luck!

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