The Fall of Ironblood Keep

The Fall of Ironblood Keep is a setting agnostic adventure using the Dungeoncaster ruleset. It takes place in a temperate wilderness and can be used in any setting without adaptation. The players are tasked with exploring the abandoned Ironblood Keep, which is said to be cursed and haunted by the ghosts of its former inhabitants.

As they delve deeper into the keep, they soon realize that the curse was brought upon the castle by the arrogance and hubris of its former lord, who sought to conquer and control all that lay before him. Now, as the players face the dangers of the keep, they must also confront the legacy of the lord’s pride and confront the true source of the curse.

This is an introductary adventure for players that are new to Dungeoncaster and assumes the characters have just started their story. It can be used as a one shot or as the start of a long term campaign

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