The Firewall is Broken

Scenario Teaser

In the too close future of 2050, powerful corporations dictate public policy, skilled robots drive
up unemployment, and the world’s coastal cities are being lost to rising tides. You are a member of Decryptions R Us, an elite team of hackers about to pull a heist on the FUTURE Foundation. You will enter the mainframe to make the haul of a lifetime. Will your teammates prove trustworthy, or will personal agendas put the whole operation at risk? Jack in, get rich, get out!
Accommodates 5 7 players and 1 NPC GM, runs 2 hours, suggested ages 18+

What is Espionage Party?

This scenario is a little different from our other games because it’s online, instead of in person. In this virtual Espionage Party, a live action role playing game, players gather on a video chat platform to take on unique roles in a scenario brimming with intrigue and mystery. Talk to other players and figure out who your friends and enemies are. Keep your secrets to yourself or confide in an ally to gain their trust. Make and execute plans to complete your secret objectives but be prepared for the other players to complicate things. Even if you die, you just might keep on playing as a new character. Only the starting conditions are set in stone. What happens next and how it all turns out is entirely up to you.

Product Details

  • General Handbook (11 pages)
  • Scenarios Handbook (25 pages)
  • Character Profiles (17 pages)
  • Player Guide (5 pages)
  • Various Puzzles and Gameplay Documents
  • Casting Questionnaire (.doc)
  • Casting Program (.exe)
  • Handouts and supplements

Cast of Characters

  • GeneralMillz The leader of Decryptions R Us.
  • 404UsernameNotFound Second in command and firewall hacker.
  • Mindpixel A robot who keeps people from monitoring or tracing your crimes.
  • DR4G0N A new recruit and newbie to crime whose job is to hack into the internal firewall who works for FUTURE.
  • AnonyMouse An experienced cybercriminal recruited to monitor outside surveillance who used to work for FUTURE.
  • CoolDudeGoogolplex The getaway websurfer who makes sure the team can get out.
  • FauxPa A robot and part time cybercriminal who creates technical issues and distractions during jobs.
With minor exceptions, all player characters are ungendered.

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