The Night of the Rise Adventure (Roll20)

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“Simply put, this is one of the most unique adventures I’ve ever read.”

“…twists that turn the classic bandit clearing cliche on its head,…”

The Night of the Rise is a unique adventure that offers the party an alternative to the “hack & slash” approach. The opportunity for role play is high and it is sure to tap into skills and abilities most of your characters never knew they possessed. Not only does it offer a new experience for your players, but hopefully it has them smiling several times during the night.

A request to deal with a bandit captain named Giles Ne’Ville sends the adventuring party on a two day journey. During this journey, they find an entertaining way to deal with this Giles Ne’Ville. Will they use this opportunity? Or will they take the typical ‘hack & slash’ approach to dealing with villans?

This adventure is written in a non specific location but is easily insertable into any campaign as a one shot adventure. I feel that it would work great in Strom King’s Thunder as an added traveling encounter.

The Night of the Rise is an engaging adventure written for a party of four or more characters of 1st 6th level, with recommendations for higher level characters. Approximate runtime is 3+ hours.

The Night of the Rise

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