The Signal

A modern horror one shot for 2 to 6 players, plus Keeper.

The Signal

There is a radio signal that repeats the same sequence over and over again. Most folks think that it is just an old station broadcast that got jammed. For generations, it has been part of life intown, and for some, it is as soothing as the knowledge of the tides coming in and out.

A rhythm.

A certainty.

Now the radio signal has changed and the Hunter’s United Guild is worried that this is the beginning of something bad. They have asked you to help them figure out why the signal changed and to restore it before it’s too late.

They think the signal is coming from the island that no one talks about. The island that no one ever visits.

Join them on a boat trip to the island that could be the last mission for some.

The Signal is an engrossing, horror one shot that takes place in a modern setting, perfect for fans of the early seasons of Supernatural, Riverdale, Buffy the Vampire slayer or Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. With 14 pages of comprehensive game play notes this game is easy enough to follow for new Monster of the Week game masters (Keepers) or experienced ones.

The Signal includes

  • 7 pages of in depth game beats with story arc, descriptions, dialogue, and encounter guides to help you make the most of every encounter.

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