The Stellar Beacon Coded

The Stellar Beacon is a ‘zinethat imagines better worlds to explore what could be radically different about our own. We experiment at the intersection of indie gaming and speculative fiction. In this issue you’ll find

Better Living Through Technology?A seemingly benevolent AI guides this system in conflict. What choices will your players make in this Sci Fi adventure by Richard Bellingham, creative director of the Fate Horror Toolkit and designer of Secret of Cats.

Marginalized Identities in Wuxiaan essay by Jeannette Ng 吳志麗, winner of theAstounding award, is adeep diveinto the varied ways identity is handled in Wuxia, a Chinese genre about martial heroes. Learn more about the history ofWuxia, interrogate its tropes, and appreciate it more fully!

The Other WomanAn ornithophobic scientist travels to an unfamiliar part of the world to collect reports of a newly invented machine. A story by Alex Jennings author ofThe Ballad of Perilous Graves.

The Keystone Out of Your ArchandPhliasian Investigationsby Rhysling Award winning poet Sonya Taaffe

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