To the Rescue Roll20 integration

A group of mercenaries has taken the town hostage, and a brave group of local adventurers may be the townspeople’s only hope! Though to the casual observer the village and its mercenary occupiers may appear normal, a note slipped to party by a nervous innkeeper tips the adventurers off that something is not right. With the help of a would be defector, they must find the missing villagers, who have been taken prisoner by a conjurer. This conjurer plans to sacrifice the villagers in a ritual to summon a demon to do his bidding. The party will encounter werebears, giant rats, carrion crawlers and other dangers during their search. Will they be able to find and rescue the conjurer’s victims, and stop the demon from being summoned?

This is a 4 6 hour adventure for 4 level 5 characters.

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This Roll20 version of to the Rescue includes the full adventure filled out in a Roll20 module!

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