Beyond the Golden Vault

A band of adventurers comes together to execute daring heists in a world of magic and dangers. They must steal valuable treasures, locked away in heavily fortified locations guarded by powerful forces. But to succeed, they must use all their wits and skills, navigate intricate traps and obstacles, and overcome fierce opposition.

This is a 5e expansion like no other, where the players take on the roles of cunning thieves and master planners. With detailed traps, richly imagined NPCs, and thrilling twists, this book will guide dungeon masters and players alike through epic tales of daring and intrigue. From scouting the target to assembling the team, from gathering intel to executing the plan, every step of the heist is laid out for you to explore and improvise. So gather your allies, hone your talents, and prepare to pull off the ultimate heist!

From the community collaborators who brought you Baba Lysaga’s Nocturnes & Nightmares comes a new volume in epic adventures.


You’ve stumbled on a treasure trove of valuable intel from the Platinum Picks the hottest crew in town. Their tips and tricks could land you the big score. Or it might land you in hot water!

This book contains details on how to plan and prepare for a heist. Devise a Scheme, learn the Score, determine the Strategy, Scout ahead, bypass Security, and perform a successful Strike. Partner with the Platinum Picks or pair off against them as rivals. Find new subclasses, spells, and items that grow with you one for each of the six new backgrounds to round out your crew.

Schmooze your way through a Casino floating through the clouds. Sneak into a museum full of Magical Artifacts while avoiding the Curator. Steal across multiple planes to find the Archive of the Minds.

  • 6 New Criminal Backgrounds

  • 6 New NPCs Ready for Any Tier of Play Will They Be Companions or Rivals?

  • 12 Tricky Magical Items, Plus a Unique Item for Each Background

  • 13 Slippery Spells to Get You Into and Out of Trouble in a Jiffy

  • 6 Sly Subclasses, for Bard, Cleric, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, and Warlock

  • 3 Locations Prime for Plundering

  • 10 Treacherous Traps to Plug in to a Vault Near You

  • 11 Mendacious Monsters Perfect for Our Locations or Yours

  • Guiding Text to Pull Off the Next Great Heist Story… and More!


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Work on Beyond the Golden Vault has been a labor of love for all involved. We thank our creators, the artists, editors, and writers for their passion and time. Similarly critical to the quality and success of BtGV, thanks go out to our playtesters and reviewers, the RTers, QTers, and everyone who dropped a supportive emoji in our many Discord servers. Most importantly of all, we’d like to thank you for considering and using our product! Whether you’re new to our crew or returning from Baba Lysaga’s Nocturnes & Nightmares, thank you!

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