Critical Mass

Everyone knows you can’t trust The Company.
But when the whole crew is working for Company pay, whocanyou trust?

A Nuclear Reactor is in meltdown, and you’re the only ship in the sector with clearance to fix it.
But something isn’t right down there…
The Company workers aren’t in the facility, butsomething elseis.

Critical Massis a 2 page, one shot adventure forMothership RPG.
This adventure focuses on mistrust and paranoia, and includes optional rules for giving players hidden agendas and secret missions.

When you can’t trust your own crewmates, and there’s a ticking clock before the whole moon goes nuclear, this mission’s about to reachCRITICAL MASS.

You Get

  • Full colour tri fold pamphlet.

  • Black and white printer friendly pamphlet.

  • 3 audio files, hinting at the dark truth of what happened here.

  • 1 handout for players, showing a map of the Nuclear Facility.

The Pamphlet Includes

  • A plot hook for the adventure.

  • A full map of the nuclear facility.

  • Details of what lurks in each room.

  • Stats for3 original monsters.

  • The horrifying truth of what really happened.

The pamphlet also includestables for randomly generating Hidden Agendas and Secret Motivations to breed distrust and paranoia between players.

The tables are split into three tiers of hidden agendas, so the Warden can choose if the players will harbour Secrets, reveal deadly Betrayals, or experience complete Disasters.

Created by Ronan Jennings

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