Dragon Knight Order of the Dracul (5e Subclass)

Order of the Dracul

With every strike taken and dealt, the fuming rage and cruel bloodlust of the Dragon Knight bound to a malicious dragon of Hell grow ever stronger; such is the way of a warrior bound to the Order of the Dracul.Drawing inspiration from famous warlords, this Draconic Order introduces a new level of refined brutality to the Dragon Knight class by utilizing its central mechanic, the Bloodlust score, to increase the knight’s power exponentially as the battle intensifies.

Alongside this subclass, you will discover here new Draconic Patrons that allow Dragon Knights to command the powers of chaos, gravity, and Hell itself. Also included are several optional features allowing greater customization of the base class, offering verbal breath weapon variants, the power to sense nearby dragons, and the ability to transform into a mighty hybrid of humanoid and dragon.

Within this supplement, you can find the following

  • One Draconic Order the Order of the Dracul.
  • Four optional features for the dragon knight.
  • Three Draconic Pacts Chaos, Gravity, and Infernal.
  • Six magic items utilizing Draconic Synergy, several designed for specific Dragon Knights.

This Order of the Dracul and its related content requires the original Dragon Knight class, which you can find individuallyhere, or bundled with this supplement here.

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