Hug Hulk u2013 Huge fey, unaligned

Fey won by far! And oh my, did the Hug Slug grow up!

As more and more creatures proved to being compatible, the eager scientists began to realize the damage they had done. The numerous copper colossi that were deployed over the vast areas of the most devastated regions were far too many and too scattered already. What was meant to protect and preserve ultimately let to a much quicker, more brutal way of ending. The rapidly progressing distortion of the fauna and flora they used to know created a world which they had no place in anymore. The hug hulk – a preposterous mutation of the otherwise quite delicate hug slug – is just one example of the newly emerged species conquering the ancient lands. While the tiny version of this slippery creature is usually appreciated for its healing capabilities, the big one is feared for its literally crushing affection.

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PS to complement the Hug Hulk, the Critter Collectors‘ Monster Page includes the stats of the Hug Slug as well. Patrons of all other tiers can find it in its posts:)

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