The Ancient Deep An Adventure Compatible with Worlds Without Number

The adventure is set up so the Player Characters (PCs) can encounter diverse situations and use different adventure styles, allowing for role playing within a rural situation, with wandering monsters and an Ancient Deep encounter. The module offers a chance for the GM to immerse themselves and their players with as much, or little, detail as they want. Large expanses of forests cover the local area with patches of open ground containing small villages and farmsteads, giving you, the GM, the opportunity to fit the adventure into almost any setting within your game. I have left the ending open, allowing the GM to slot in further encounters or adventure twists to keep the game moving but with enough happening to turn it into more than one session if so desired.

The Plot

There are several options for the plot
1. A local Innkeeper would like you to investigate the cause of the earthquakes within the forest.

2. The village Leader of Faildoor, (GM or one of the other villages), will ask the PCs to investigate the rumors of the lights in the woods.

3. The local village priest would like the PCs to search the forest for any new Deeps and report their findings.

This adventure is for 5th – 7th levelcharacters. The module is written forWorlds Without Number and could beconverted for use with other OSR systems.

This download comes with 12 VTT compatible battle maps, three location and 4 variations of each.





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