The Book of Fantasy Names

Welcome to The Book of Fantasy Names, within thisbook you’ll find lists of Male and Female Forenames and Surnames for Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Orks,Halflings, Dragonborn, Gnomes, Tieflings, Aasimar,Tabaxi, Aarakocra, Genasi, Tritons, Warforged,Lizardfolk, and Golbins. Where the definitions do notapply the lists are different (for example Warforged donot have males and females, so there are just lists ofForename and Surnames for all Warforged).

While these are mainly Dungeons and Dragons Races,the names could still be used for similar races, so inEarthdawn T’skrang could use the Lizardfolk lists, orWindlings could use Halfling lists.

For Gamesmasters there’s a few extra lists, for TownNames, Tavern Names, Ale Names, Magic WeaponNames, and Ship Names. These are useful in playwhen you need a NPC, Place or Ship Name quickly, orfor when you’re writing and you need to name everyNPC so your players don’t work out who’s importantand not.

These lists are all numbered 1 100, so if you needsomething quickly just roll a D/100 on the applicabletables, and you’ll get something you can use straightaway.

We hope these are useful to you, and that they helpyour games and that you have a load of fun.

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