The Fallen Halls, A Mirrspire Adventure

Regardless of religious persuasion, most of time City of Mirrspire’s population include a form of local ancestor worship among their other religious practices. While not a religion in the formal sense, these practices are stewarded by the Monks of the Antessorem, and one of the major tenants of their belief centers arounds the duties of citizens after death

“Citizens of Mirrspire in good standing are laid to rest eternal in the hallowed crypts below the Ancestor’s Wall. The duty of a Citizen to defend the city does not end with death, as the dead will heed the call to defend the city in death as they did proudly in life…”.

Twice before have the citizens of Mirrspire implored their ancestors for protection from their enemies in dark times and twice before the ancestors took up arms and rose to the call. While Mirrspire’s military and towering walls are certainly formidable, there is no doubt that it is the fear of an undead army that has dissuaded many would be conquerors from raising a direct challenge to the city. Yet for decades now this threat of retribution has been a bluff, as it is a carefully kept secret that the ritual of awakening the dead to protect the city requires the (missing) Crown of Mirrspire.

Over the years Prince Devon has been quietly sending a variety of adventuring groups to investigate rumors and locate the missing royal crown to no avail. But finally, the wedding band of King Humphrey the Wise has surfaced and its tragic aura points to where it was re moved from the dead king’s hand deep within Baphomet’s Endless Maze of the 6ooth Layer of the Abyss. After all these years, it is time to bring the crown home.

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