The Junkstar Herald Issue 86

Start your day the right way with the latest issue of the Junkstar Herald, the finest newspaper in the Tumbling Towers. Stay informed of current events, the next scheduled waking of the High Hate Lords, what your neighbors think about you, who might be plotting against you, the latest safety precautions against outsiders, and the greatest deals orbiting the Junkstar.

The Junkstar Herald is an 8 page newspaper that a citizen in the Mothership universe might read, written as a contribution to the Voices of the Void 2022 Lo Fi Jam.

QUALITY NOTE This publication was made in a 90s punk zine style by photocopying images of images attached to other images with scotch tape, purposefully degrading the image quality.

Inside you will you will find

  • Plot hooks written as newspaper articles.
  • Not so subtle background story about a group of astronauts stranded on an ancient, broken Dyson sphere.
  • A background war that may or may not be based on deeply rooted xenophobic fear of all outsiders.
  • Enough context for players to assume the role of a citizen of the Junkstar or the stranded astronauts trying to escape.
  • Maps, tools, freelance jobs, and services.
  • A crossword puzzle, comics, in universe games, and riddles.
  • Nearly everything you might find in a typical newspaper.

This is a mechanics free, “in universe.” There are NO mechanics or campaign instructions in this publication! It contains lore only, written from the perspective of those who live in the many rotted steel cities that orbit the Junkstar. Not everything can be taken at face value! The various authors may have agendas and biases of their own, and some information may be inaccurate, misleading, or downright propaganda. It is intended to be a springboard for Wardens to build a campaign of their own using the Mothership core ruleset, but the mechanics free nature makes it suitable for any sci fi TTRPG.

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This item is produced by McFin

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