The King’s Plague Chapter Two

The King’s Plague

Adventure for a party of four 2nd level PCs D&D 5E

Chapter Two Timber Harvest

The King’s Plague has descended upon the land. For more than a generation, venturing out into the wilderness or simply leaving sight of town means never being seen again. Times are getting tough for the people of Waves’ End, but a young group of adventurers just might be able to save the town!

After saving the town’s food supply by rescuing the stolen seeds, the farmer now asks that the heroes venture into the Dagger Woods to harvest much needed timber to make repairs on the farm. Can the heroes get what he needs or will they succumb to the perils of the forest?

The King’s Plague Series

The King’s Plague is an introductory adventure series designed with first time D&D players in mind. Basic concepts are introduced, a few monsters are indtroduced, and a few new rule concepts are used to show new players some of the tactics they can use, along with giving new players an opportunity to show off their class abilities. Tactics are suggested for new DMs as well.

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