The Tower of King Kinsiliti

Are you ready to give your players the ultimate challenge? King Kinsiliti was a despotic drow wizard before he became a lich, moved to the surface world, and raised a tower made of cold crystal in the snowy mountains. This sprawling dungeon map features an incredible 115 rooms for you to populate with deadly traps, cunning puzzles, and ferocious monsters that will test the mettle of even the most seasoned adventurers.

Measuring 3150 by 1941 pixels, King Kinsiliti’s Tower is available in both PNG and JPG formats, making it easy to incorporate into your game, whether you prefer to play in person or on the virtual tabletop of your choice. With its intricate design, this map is the perfect backdrop for your next thrilling adventure.

Whether you’re looking to challenge your players with a complex dungeon crawl or create an epic quest to overthrow a powerful villain, King Kinsiliti’s Tower is the perfect setting.

Get your copy of King Kinsiliti’s Tower today and start populating it with your most cunning traps and terrifying monsters. The possibilities are endless, so let the adventure begin!

* Created with Dungeon Scrawl

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