The Weave Breaker | The Ultimate Spell Sword Class (Fantasy Grounds)

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The Weave Breaker | The Ultimate Spell Sword Class

Now available for Fantasy Grounds Unity!

The Weave Breaker is the Ultimate Spell Sword Class and comes complete with three subclasses, the Elemental Juggernaut, The Time Splicer, and the Sage Ripper.

The Weave Breaker can cast underused, but iconic spells like Mirror Image, Blur, Haste, Dispel Magic, and Fireball as bonus actions.

It makes up for a lower number of spell slots than alternative melee casters by utilizing hit dice as reserve spell slots. This gives them increased flexibility to get more efficient usage out of useful low level spells like a shield, absorb elements, and other staples.

Weave Breakers are skilled combatants who learn to manipulate the weave through martial means. Though they lack the versatility of those who might study or harness magic through traditional spellcraft, none can match the deadly efficiency of a weave breaker in combat. The weave breaker deftly severs strands of the weave around them causing sudden magical effects to occur, manipulating the battlefield ever to their advantage.

Some weave breakers fight with deliberate destructive might; they tear open pockets of elemental chaos and rip forth torrents of lightning. Other breakers bend the weave around their graceful forms, redirecting its flow and materializing it in the shape of magical barriers and protections. The most brazen of weave breakers channel the weave directly into their bodies, emitting all manner of disruptive and unexpected phenomena. Beware, power this overwhelming is not acquired without cost.

D&D 5E has been sorely missing a true Spellcasting Melee class for far too long. Many subclasses offer full castors the Extra Attack feature, but none of them solve the problem of opportunity cost. I want to make an Extra Attack & castFireballon the same turn. Look no further than the Weave Breaker.

Does that sound overpowered? Do not worry, we calculated the average damage output of the Weave Breaker compared to other optimized damage focused builds like the GWF Frenzy Barbarian, The Sorcerer Paladin multiclass, and the Assassin Fighter Rogue, and the Weave Breaker stayed well within the healthy bounds of above average damage output without coming near builds often criticized for their burst potential. These calculations take average enemy Armor Class, Spell Save DC, critical chance, and player bonuses to hit into account at all levels.

This supplement also includes a new spell casting fighting style and 7 new spells.



NoteThis product is for use in the Fantasy Grounds Unity virtual tabletop. If you would like to purchase the PDF version,clickhere.

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