The Windstone Chronicles Guardians’ Saga Minotaur Lord of the Bonewood

Oh, you found a journal! This one looks a bit different, eh? The loss of a guardian at the hands of my enemy has put into motion a series of events that I’m not entirely sure we can stop. But we must try.

Who am I? Why, Winston Windstone of course. My friends call me Windstone, and I count you as one of those.


Threads are fraying across the Copperbind as evil gains a foothold throughout the realm. The battle is being fought on multiple fronts, and the race to save the Guardians is on.

With the world of Windstone growing ever larger, and peril spanning north to south, heroes from across the land are answering the Innkeeper’s call.

Venture deep into the Bonewood to face Minotaur and his Labyrinth. Can you find your way out as none before have done?


The Windstone Chroniclesis a narrative adventure that reads like a found journal, engaging not only the players, but the Game Master in a compelling fantasy world. This adventure is designed with low level characters in mind but can be adapted for any level or system.

The guardians arose from seemingly out of nowhere. Suddenly, the guardians of the Copperbind are now forefront in their own series.


  • 11 Unique Rooms and puzzles to challenge you and your friends as you traverse the Labryinth
  • Moving room mechanic keeps the party on thier toes
  • Hand drawn detailed map of the area
  • Loot tables, traveling tables, tokens, room images, everything you need to run an exciting adventure!


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