To Reclaim Brewster Island

Kordon Unger, the Seneschal to King Harold, ruler of Falconrun on the Island of Alva has a problem. Bandits are running wild in the towns and villages of the Green Vale on the east coast of the island and the soldiers stationed at Staghead Keep on Brewster Island are no where to be found. And the bad news just keeps coming. The lighthouse isn’t working, the lightkeeper is missing, the people are up in arms, rumors of dark magic abound, and to top things off a bunch of kobolds have taken over the local silver mine! Kordon turns to his trusted advisor Koril Wordsmyth for counsel…

“Well, my lord,” contemplated Yoril, “the way I see it, something is terribly, terribly wrong on Brewster Island. My fear is we have lost complete control there. My assumption is the Guard at the Keep are all dead, the mine is truly overrun with kobolds, and I am very concerned something sinister is happening at the lighthouse… You could send the city garrison to investigate, but we don’t know what we are up against. If you send the troops and they are overpowered, we lose the island and we leave the city’s defenses weakened. My suggestion would be to send out a decree to the local taverns and watering holes in the city and offer a reward. Find a group of green, wet behind the ears, adventurer types who are willing to go investigate what has happened at the keep and the lighthouse and have them drive the kobolds from the mine. If they succeed, wonderful; if they fail miserably and are killed, it is no major loss.”

“Good idea Yoril,” said the Seneschal smiling, “let’s find some suckers – I mean heroes – to aid us.”

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