WIP May Teaser! Tozen, Hikiga Spirit Binder

With a practiced sweep of his arm, Tozen pulled the onibi’s essence into fine strands, looping them around the pegs of his round loom.

With Ginchiyo, we introduced the idea of Official spirit binders, but what about Rogue ones? No longer considered an imperial binder, Tozen is unlicensed and therefore considered “rogue” by the Hikiga Empire. However, since he works for someone powerful, he’s relatively protected from the consequences. He still has the ability to create havoc though, and Imperial trained spirit binders are quite powerful…

We still have at least 2 more sculpts coming (including a show piece that I think everyone will enjoy) đź‘€

Tozen, Hikiga Spirit Binder

Addicted to Blue Lily, Tozen was formally trained as an Imperial Spirit Binder, but now works for the powerful Ryujin of Smoke, Katsuhito. Originally a soft-spoken Hikiga who joined forces with Katsuhito out of his need for more Blue Lily, Tozen has now fully embraced the gangster lifestyle and become arrogant with his borrowed clout. Tozen’s style of Spirit Binding utilizes knitting needles to knit the bindings of the object and onibi, a style which secures them together tightly and can be difficult to unravel. He is a crafty and experienced Binder, and knits in nasty surprises for those who attempt to undo his bindings. He doesn’t always keep a firm hold on his creations, however, and the more mischievous or independent of his Tsukumogami can often be seen running amok while he drifts in his frequent, drug-induced stupors.

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