Wondrous Boss Fights Fiends

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Wondrous Boss Fights Fiends

Make your boss fights more engaging.
The wondrous boss fights series looks at making the major boss fights of your campaign more memorable by providing a system where a powerful boss creature can activate at multiple points on the initiative tracker using a variety of actions with different energy costs. In many cases the boss creature will also have targetable hit locations that can be damaged or maimed to provide the players with an advantage in the fight.

This book details many demons, devils and yugoloths written up as boss fights using this unique system.

Table Of Contents

1 How to use this book
2 Cambion
3 Demons
3.1 Balor
3.2 Glabrezu
3.3 Marilith
3.4 Molydeus
3.5 Nabassu
3.6 Nalfeshnee
3.7 Shadow Demon
3.8 Vrock
4 Demon Lords
4.1 Demogorgon
4.2 Demogorgon’s Lair
4.3 Orcus
4.4 Lair of Orcus
5 Devils
5.1 Bearded Devil
5.2 Bone Devil
5.3 Chain Devil
5.4 Horned Devil
5.5 Ice Devil
5.6 Pit Fiend
6 Archdevils
6.1 Hutijin
6.2 Geryon
6.3 Geryon’s Lair
7 Yugoloths
7.1 Canoloth
7.2 Dhergoloth
7.3 Hydroloth
7.4 Piscoloth
7.5 Yagnoloth

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