6 Year Community Assets

Last month as a part of our 6 year milestone on Patreon I invited all of you to submit ideas and requests for various asset needs specific to your campaigns! Like its 5 year counterpart before, those requests have generated a rather diverse selection! Altogether we’ve gathered 80 assets spanning a wide spectrum from pieces like herbalism kits, electric train sets, and a compass, all the way to clockwork bears, skeletal ravens, and a Illithid’s operation table.

I tried to get as many of the requests done as I could (and were reasonable), I hope you all enjoy! (For my friend requesting historic assets, I’d direct you to Ancestral Assets one and two).

6 Year Community Assets ZIP Download


The Dungeondraft-ready conversion of Garden Assets 2 contains everything therein as an object within the mapmaking program. You’ll also find a major chunk of those objects as a colorable counterpart!

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