Blade of Legend

This title comes with adventure pdf and map files to use with encounters.

In the village of Cherry Grove lives a retired swordsman. The half dragon Karz Infen was once the greatest warrior in Desagril. Traveling from city to city, kingdom to kingdom, Karz sought out the greatest battlemasters to best them in single combat. Fighting to the death, Karz bested the most skilled warriors on the continent. His prowess with the blade was as legendary as his ruthlessness. Many admired him, many more feared him.

Karz ended his career as a sword for hire when he came across Cherry Grove. At the time, it had been occupied by thugs and marauders. After witnessing the death of a child who tried to resist their oppressors, Karz single handedly freed the village. Ever since that day, Karz has been the village’s protector. Time and again, young swordsman come to try and defeat Karz and claim the title of Desagril’s best blade. Karz rarely accepts these challenges, but when he does, he attempts to teach his opponents the need for honor and respect as a warrior.

His latest challenger, the erinyes Olethra has defeated the retired blade, and is now occupying the village with her gang of cutthroats. Now an elderly warrior, Karz is outmatched by Olethra and her gang. He needs the help of young and skilled warriors to free Cherry Grove once again.

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