Bog Mummy May

Hey, quick preview of what’s to come in May.

First off, we’ll be dropping a revised edition of the Bog People of the Mirelands set (pictured above). We’re updating it to the new rules sheet format, and it’s getting some very minor rules adjustments, new terrain tiles, and lots of small alterations to the miniatures, including some added details and quality-of-life changes. Nothing major, and the old set as-is will remain totally valid. This has been one of my all-time favorite factions, and with the focus on fantasy PT lately, I thought they could use a little refresher.

The Bog People will be the month’s theme as well, and we’ll be dropping some new miniatures and terrain along with a short CRUX supplement that I’m working on at the moment.

We’ll also be dropping the rules to the City Unsleeping set (with the 3d printables coming before April runs out), and some more stuff leading up to the community workshop project (Myriad Realms), including those custom rules for making your own sets.

Anyway, more on this one soon,

– Dutchmogul

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