Bonus’ Guide to the Magical Mishaps of Mage Tower

Let’s play Mage Tower

Compete against the best and brightest that the multiverse’s favourite magic school has to offer.
Play for fame, glory, and gold in this triennial event the competition of a lifetime!



What’s inside the supplement?

This supplement contains all the necessary tools to play Mage Tower as a full sporting experience. The rules presented here can be easily used as a one shot or as a recurring mini game in your Strixhaven campaign.

Better still, with adaptable optional rulesets, no two games ever need to be the same. Practise on the Aero jaunt Field with the base rules, before adding in Magical Mishaps and other optional rules for the grand final!

The content is suitable from any party of any size and of any level, with options to scale each aspect of the game to suit your tables needs.

This supplement includes

  • Full detailed rules for Mage Tower that combines the tactics of 5e combat and ‘capture the flag’ mechanics.

  • A new magic item in the form of a Mage Tower Ring to facilitate this high octane, risky competition.

  • A numbered diagram of the Mage Tower field for the DM, and a detailed description of the stadium.

  • Rules for four distinct areas of the pitch, ramps, and the Mage Towers themselves, all with accessibility in mind.

  • New Special abilities based on the theme of each Strixhaven college that the players and NPCs have easy access to, no matter their class.

  • A table of Magical Mishaps that spice up every round of the game, forcing players to expect the unexpected.

  • A list of optional rules that can be mixed and matched to provide replayability for your group, ensuring that no two games of Mage Tower will ever be the same.

  • Links to optional maps that support the game can be found at the end of the PDF.

This is truly a complete experience for the Mage Tower games that give the excitement and intensity that the competition deserves.

With these rules, your players get the chance to show off their individual skills whilst collaboratively strategising to win Strixhaven’s prestige triennial event.

How hard will the characters push themselves to win this competition of a lifetime? What will they do for a chance to obtain glory for the rest of their academic careers? There’s no better way for players to enjoy Strixhaven’s Mage Tower than in this rules supplement.

Want to see a full play through? Check out the video below!

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