Breaking In (Tavick’s Takers Part 1)

Who else loves a good heist?

The High Walls District of Lower Tavick’s Landing is the home to refugees from Cyre after the Day of Mourning and is among the poorest districts in Sharn. High Walls is also home to the newest Heist Crew looking to make it big in the City of Towers through a series of heists no one else would dare even attempt.

Tavick’s Takers, aka YOU…

…and the Takers just gained a vendetta against one of the wealthiest slum lords in Sharn.

Time to rob him blind.

Embark on the first adventure of the Tavick’s Takers Series, a series of adventures meant to take a Heist Crew from the humble streets of Sharn to heights of crime unknown.

This adventure is designed for 4 6 characters at Level 3 4 using the Criminal Syndicate Group Patron or something similar (maybe even the Golden Vault).

Also included with this product

  • Session Zero information for running a Heist Campaign

  • Multiple ways to your score with open ended design.

  • The Bounty System Find out when the heat is onto you!

  • A system for simulating a Brelish Courtroom Trial, how to find justice or cheat your way to legal victory.

  • Full Maps and NPC Tokens for the Adventure.

  • Illustrations from the Adventure.

  • New Monsters, including theWarforged Scoutand theCountermage.

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