Cyberpunk Battlemap Corporate Tower

A 33×23 rpg battlemap of a Corporate Tower compatible with all cyberpunk/futurist RPGs.

Corporate Tower Cyberpunk

Files included
a 33″x 23″(A1) battle map
300dpi jpegs for poster printing
72dpi files for web, VTTs, roll20…
Grid and Gridless versions
A pre cut A4 pdf ready to print

Enhance your virtual tabletop RPG experience with our premium battlemaps! Our high quality maps are designed to bring your adventures to life, offering intricate details and stunning visuals to immerse you and your players in the game world. With a wide range of settings available, from sprawling dungeons to epic battlefields, our battlemaps provide the perfect backdrop for your next campaign. Compatible with popular virtual tabletop platforms, including Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds, our maps are easy to use and perfect for players of all experience levels. Browse our selection today and take your virtual tabletop RPG to the next level!<p>

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