D100 Modern Day Encounters

Welcome to D20 Modern Day Encounters, within youwill find various encounters that you can slot into youradventures. Handy to use when you need something tohappen, or to just give yourself thinking time while youwork out what happens next in the main plot.
These encounters are designed to be self contained,although if you wish you can use them as a hook tofurther adventure. Many of these encounters barelyinvolve the players at all, and just provide a distractionand a lesson that the entire world doesn’t revolvearound them and life in the world goes on despitewhatever plans they have.
The encounters are numbered within the book andwithin the table of contents, so you can just roll a D100and get something which will hopefully inspire you and your players.
We hope these give you some interesting ideas to buildon, or that you just have some fun.

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