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Welcome to Dark Delves!

Dark Delves is a series ofadventure ‘modules’, eachself contained and centeredon a pseudo medievalvillage. Dark Delves aredesigned for an Old Schoolflavor, where the world is dangerous anddoesn’t care about heroes — it’s up to you tosurvive, and if you’re skilled, smart, and aboveall lucky, maybe, just maybe you’ll thrive!

Each module includes notes on usingit with Kabouter Games’s Spears & Spellsfantasy RPG, as well as Fifth Edition andOld School Revival (OSR) games likeBasic Fantasy, Labyrinth Lord, and DungeonCrawl Classics.

Design Intent

A while back, Ben Dutton (or whoever’sin charge of the Five Torches Deep Twitteraccount) wrote

“Potentially unpopular opinion there’s areal shortage of vanilla, classic, easy tounderstand OSR and adventure contentproduced in the modern era. Y’know, like avillage near a dungeon with a problem.”

Sitting in our mushroom workshop, theKabouter Games team pondered this over coffee and stroopwafels. It didn’t take longbefore we waggled our conical red hats inagreement and started brainstorming. Thisbook is what came out of that brainstormingsession classic, easy to understand, “outand down” adventure modules for low levelcharacters.

We created a village — Little Witham— in the same vein of our LegendaryLocations line, with core NPCs andresources adventurers need to do their thing. Then we set out to make some adventuremodules using Johnn Four’s Five RoomDungeon paradigm. We tried to give eachdungeon a fun twist. Additionally, wedid our best to reward the classic playerarchetypes Explorers, Slayers, Roleplayers,and Achievers.

Minimal Prep. Our main design parameterwas to require minimal GM prep beyondreading the module before play. While it’sa good idea to familiarize yourself with thevillage around which the adventures orbit,you can ignore it if you want and drop themodule into your own setting. Each modulehas multiple calls to action that introduce arelatively simple problem that needs solving.

Self Contained. There’s no intricate,overarching story or campaign arc thatrequires a flowchart to run. You can stringthese adventures together or use themas one shots. It’s totally up to you andyour table. We give you the tools. We’re not going todictate how you use them.

We hope Dark Delves excite and delight!


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