Garden Assets 2

As the name suggests, this is a follow up pack on one of my personal favorite asset niches: Garden Assets. Like any followup pack, I had balance of things I wanted to do to expand the series as well as improve on the original. It’s possible I may have gone a little overboard as the final set here includes 350+ assets.

Garden Assets 2 ZIP Download

This set includes:

  • A set of new bushes (I can’t stop myself from drawing foliage)
  • New premade flowered shrubs
  • New streamlined shrub sizes and shapes
  • A lot of flowers varying in size, type, color, and arranged in different ways
  • New streamlined hedge wall sizes and shapes
  • Gardening tools! 2 new fence styles! A gazebo!
  • More prefilled planters! New Hedge statues! Shrub Trees!
  • New streamlined ferns/plants in various sizes and 6 varieties
  • Seamless objects for making your own hedge walls and fences!

Additionally, as I’m want to do, got kinda into the example map, which I’ve dubbed the “Memorial to Maternal Fennorak“. I imagine it as a recessed center of a larger garden and features a statue to some kind of benevolent dragon legend (a statue I made for our six year assets and was too inspired by to not use immediately).


The Dungeondraft-ready conversion of Garden Assets 2 contains everything therein as an object within the mapmaking program. You’ll also find a major chunk of those objects as a colorable counterpart and importantly 4 paths for drawing your own fences (of both varieties) as well as 2 more sizes of hedges.

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