Haven Fallen Solo Adventure Ilinrath’s Gift

In Haven Fallen – Ilinrath’s Message you assume the role of an adventurer in a Dark Science Fantasy setting. You will require The Haven Fallen Core Rulebook (CRB), and any associated Expansions you wish to use to assist you, along with a pen and paper or word processing document, to play.

The story is set up with an Introduction, a handful of location details and a few pertinent Story Points. The rest is down to you and your imagination.

The Actions you take should depend on who and what you see, and how you wish to interact. Keep a record of your story and adapt it as per the result of each Action. As you progress you will see that you are behaving as your own Storyteller, creating the interactive world in which you are playing.

Use the Character Creation section of the CRB to create your Character and use the Storyteller section of the CRB to assist with generating NPCs.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the following few pages, you are ready to begin.


When allowed to roll a Bonus Die, roll two of the same required Dice and choose the most beneficial result.


Ilinrath the Wise was a descendant of the Tenarnun Chalin Umrath – first custodian of the Haven Crystals. Ilinrath, through centuries of meditative study, was able to conjure the Message – a powerful form of Spirit Magic which enables the keeper to personally connect to Haven energy and navigate the Haven Nexus at will. The Message was left behind by Chalin in the event of the destruction of all of the Haven Crystals, the premise being that the keeper of the Message would be the last remaining link to the Haven Nexus. Sensing that the Formari and the Diaru would increase their aggression to hold singular control over the Haven Nexus (and therefore the Message), Ilinrath visited a Tenarnun of unlikely circumstance to be the next keeper of the Message.

The fate of the message changed the day the warrior Sholak arose from his slumber to find Ilinrath standing before him. Sholak, raised on the streets of Chaos V, decided to give the old man thirty seconds.

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