More models for May Foreign Knights complete!

I just finished the last of these guys today, and just now finished the renders.

What makes these knights “foreign” that is to say, specifically just not from the Iberian Peninsula, are the helmets. The flat ones without masks, and the super tall ones. These are commonly depicted in 12th century themed artwork, contemporary and modern. But these specific helmets are never referenced in Iberian illustrations, nor sculptures. So if they were used by any Spanish or Portuguese warriors, they must have been extremely rare. So what other opportunity to use them than foreign knights on their way to the second crusade stopping by to assist King Afonso I of Portugal in capturing the great city of Lisbon!

14 in total, and models good for skirmish games and altogether as unit in rank and file games. As well as some individuals that will make for some good looking “command” bases. I still plan on making a hero for next month. What do you think?!

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