Set #4 12 Male Character Cards, Character Sheet, and Counters for 5E RPG

Dive into the world’s most popular RPG with our set of portrait cards, character sheets, and counters!

Explore our exclusive pack featuring 12 male character cards, 12 double sided character sheets, and 12 corresponding tokens, perfect for adding a unique touch to your favorite RPG games. Use these illustrations to embody your character or bring NPCs to life as the game master.

The set of cards and tokens is provided in a PDF consisting of 10 pages (5 double sided sheets)
● 2 double sided sheets contain the 12 double sided character cards (to print and cut out).
● 2 double sided sheets contain the 12 double sided character sheets (to print and fill out).
● 1 double sided sheet contains the 12 double sided tokens for the same characters (to print and cut out).
● Card dimensions 63x88mm (2.5×3.5 inches).

● 1 A4 format PDF file and 1 US/LETTER format PDF file.
These two files are completely identical in terms of content. The only difference is the paper format for printing A4 or US/LETTER.

● You are authorized to

Use these images for personal and non profit projects as much as you wish.

● You are not authorized to

Share or resell the files and images included as is or even modified.
Claim the design of the characters as your own.

● The purchase does not transfer copyright.

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