Shall Have No Lord But Ruin A Party Starter Adventure (Level 1)

Drawn to a hidden prison within the Feywild, the party encounters the Demon Lord Oublivae. Now imprisoned together, she asks for their aid, promising power if they free her…

Investigating the area and speaking to the Sprites who act as jailers, they’ll quickly realize their options are limited. Their only methods for escape are to side with the Queen of Desolation herself, or attempt to trick her.

Start your new campaign off with a bang, setting your party squarely in the sights of chaos incarnate. What will your party choose…and at what cost?

Another entry in our growing portfolio of ‘session one’ adventures, this is part of a loose series called ‘Party Starters’. Each adventure is completely disconnected from the rest in this collection, providing a unique beginning to your party thus, a ‘party starter’.

Taking around 3 hours to run, five pregenerated character sheets are included. You can start right away or have fun making your own!

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This adventure is part of The God Trials collection, created and written by Ammon Hansen. Specifically, this is product 6 of 50 for 2023. Follow us on Twitter (@TheGodTrials) or Instagram (the_god_trials) for updates! New adventures will be released every Saturday.

The included adventure is estimated to takearound 3 hours to complete.

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