The Book of Random Tables Eldritch

This book is meant to help game masters run eldritch, horror, or mythos inspired role playing games. The tables contain weird or strange objects and situations with a hint of the 1920s and 1930s. The random tables are all presented as D100 and can be used in various ways.

Tables include Fictional Occult Book Titles, Haunted Objects, Items in a Hotel themed for the 1930s, 200 Oddities, Real Occult Book Titles, Dead Bodies with Clues, Eldritch Clues, Random Clues, Dreamscapes, Fictional New England Towns, Angel and Demon Names, Phobias, Cryptids, Alchemists, Detective Names, Fictional Occult Scholar Names, Occultists, Eldritch Story Hooks, and more.

The book is capped off with a list of H.P. Lovecraft Stories. Game masters may wish to do further research into the author who filled us all with a sense of cosmic horror.

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