The Heist Handbook A Companion to Keys from the Golden Vault

The Heist Handbook

“Tread where you should not go,
Take what you do not own,
Learn what you should not know,
Claim what is not your throne.
Hurrah, hurrah, a thief’s life for me!”
—excerpt from a gnomish bandit song

In a multiverse full of wondrous jewels, awe inspiring artwork, and relics of legendary magical power, there are two kinds of people those who have treasure, and those who want it. Most people are content to earn their share the hard way—through long years of work, following the rules, and betting on the safest odds. But some, driven by courage and desper ation alike, defy this path and carve out their share through cleverness and sheer might. In the criminal world, treasure is within anyone’s reach, so long as you’re willing to break a rule and take a risk to get it. After all, the wealthy elites aren’t playing fair—so why should we?

This book is a companion to Keys from the Golden Vault, intended to fill the toolboxes of players and DMs alike with heist ready options and challenges for criminal campaigns. The content in this book is designed around both ends of the heisting spectrum it has tools for thieves and criminals looking to fill their pockets, and tools for wealthy collectors and elites trying to protect their hoards. No matter which side of the law the players end up on, there’s something in this book to spice up their experience.

This illustrated 34 page product includes the following sections

Chapter 1 Player Options

This section includes five new criminal feats and six crime themed subclasses

  • TheTrapper artificer
  • The College of Quiet bard
  • The Way of the Ropedancer monk
  • The Graverobber rogue
  • The Portal Magic sorcerer
  • The Chained warlock

Chapter 2 Magic Items

This section introduces20 newmagic items,all themed around performing (or preventing) heists!

Chapter 3 Traps and Doors

Using the Traps Revisited rules inXanathar’s Guide to Everything,this section introduces15 deadly new trapsfor a variety of character levels and threat levels, both magical and nonmagical.

Chapter 4 Security Monsters

Want to put something interesting in charge of guarding your vault? This section introduces12 new creaturesthemed around vaults and secure locations, all of which make perfect security measures for dangerous and exciting heists.

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