The Mad Leper Presents ‒ The Summoner

Standing in the dry sand of the arena, a human trainer coaches his magical beasts for an upcoming friendly tournament. This year surely, shall he triumph against his rival and win the prized scroll of the Golden Spirit.

Called forth in a last ditch gamble to defeat an evil enchanter, a yugoloth bursts from a fiery portal and requests upfront payment in exchange of its service. A red robed halfling hands it a king’s ransom in gold, ordering the fiend to strike down their treacherous antagonist.

Looming over a complex hexagram, a scholarly dwarf recites esoteric incantations to conjure the spirit of her ancestor. Answers she calls for, regarding the location of the lost heirloom of her clan unbeknownst by all but her long dead great grandmother.

Summoners are magic users that focus their study around the summoning of spirits of all kind. They do not limit themselves to arcane, divine, or primal magic, instead learning whichever is useful in their search of allies, which they find from throughout the multiverse, always careful never to lock themselves in a pact.

The Mad Leper Presents ‒ The Summoner is a full fledged character class for 5E the Summoner.

It includes a new Mystic Calling game mechanic, similar in function to Eldritch Invocations and Artificer Infusions, but geared toward strengthening summoned creatures.

The summoner starts its journey with threeSummoner Disciplinesubclasses at its disposal the Binder, an adept at bending the will of others, under the protection of their fearsome bondservant; the Collector, a connoisseur and trainer of magical beasts, expert at planning and leveraging multiple beasts; and the Thaumaturgist, a miracle worker and user of both arcane and divine magic, especially divination.

This booklet also contains a new feat Calling Adept, which helps spellcasters of all sorts have a taste of the Summoner‘s Mystic Callings.

And to round things up, therein are six new spells ranging from the basic summon bolstering cantrip to the 9th level deity summoning miracle, including a little addition by Harry, the Mad Leper himself, and without forgetting to revisit an old classic, the ever dependable1st level spellthat has been sorely missing from 5E for so long Summon Monster.

This supplement makes heavy use of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything and Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, but it also referencesRavings of the Mad Leper and Lost Pages of the Mad Leper’s Grimoire, which can be found here on DMsGuild, from the same author. That being said, only the Player’s Handbook is truly required to play the Summoner, thoughLost Pages of the Mad Leper’s Grimoire, by the merrit of being also completely free, should not be overlooked!

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