The Trailing Frontier

The Trailing Frontier… a region of contradictions. At once a safe province and the future site of Humaniti’s death struggle against the K’kree of the Two Thousand Worlds; a backwater and a frontier. Half of the region lies within the Third Imperium, the other half is home to minor states and independent worlds. Beyond lies the territory of the Lords of Thunder, militant herbivores who have vowed to exterminate all meat eaters.

The Imperium considers the Gateway sector to be of vast strategic importance, yet cannot spare the resources to tame it. Instead, a host of entrepreneurs and small ship owners cross the border in search of fortune and perhaps glory. Far from the strictures of Imperial regulations, the Trailing Frontier is a place to play fast and loose and to be ready to make a quick exit. It is a hunting ground for pirates and mercenaries, a golden opportunity for merchants and adventurers, and a graveyard for the unwary!

Includes poster maps for the Ley and Gateway sectors.

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